Come with me on a journey where few outsiders have tread before.

Old Car w VineyardBTEXTURChinaCpp.jpg

A Photographer's Journey into China The New Wine Frontier

We can take my car.


Don't worry, I have a real Chinese driver's license and a camera.

Plus I can recognize about 20 Chinese characters out of about 5000. We're good to go.





And I did a big book on Chinese wineries.

That's the general manager of Chinese winery Chateau Balboa holding the table-top book I wrote and photographed on Chinese wineries, appropriately titled China The New Wine Frontier. It won Gourmand's the Best in the World award; but, alas, it is only available in China.

Plus, Chinese wine officials tell me that I am one of the few, westerners who has visited and photographed all of China's major wine regions.